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Professional Central Vacuum Installation Services by The Vacuum Depo

Our crews install, service and repair Complete Central Vacuum Systems in New Jersey homes and businesses at reasonable prices.

Call us at 866-347-8449 to discuss a Turn-Key Central Vacuum System for your home in New Jersey.

Complete Central Vacuum Systems - Design & Installation Service - Variety of Accessories & Models - Free Estimates

The Vacuum Depo's Complete Central Vacuum Team provides full Central Vacuum Installation and Repair services throughout New Jersey, at reasonable prices. Vacuuming can be a chore. Free yourself from portable vacuum bulkiness and let our professional crews install a Central Vacuum System in your home today. We provide Free Estimates and will help design the perfect Central Vacuum System for your home in New Jersey.

Why should you choose The Vacuum Depo for your Central Vacuum Installation?

Our professional service crews have years of experience with Central Vacuums and Vacuum Systems in general. We specialize in Vacuums and provide comprehensive Free Estimates to show you exactly what you will be purchasing.Our central vacuum systems have minimal noise and the system will leave you knowing that your carpets really are clean.

We don't tear down walls or tear up floors, a common mis-conception.

A common question we get from our customers is that they are worried about having to tear up their walls and/or floors. Our Central Vacuum Systems require a small hole which is covered by an inlet backing plate.. the piping is then usually hidden in the existing walls, crawl spaces or attics with no effect on your home's structure. Installation is quicker and more cost effective than you may think. Schedule a free estimate today to speak with a Central Vacuum Specialist at The Vacuum Depo.

Super Easy to Use with Tons of Accessories in stock!

Our central vacuum systems are super easy to use and require minimal effort to operate. We strategically place our vacuum system outlets in high traffic areas in your home. We also stock and carry hundreds of central vacuum accessories including hoses, brushes, brooms and extensions. We can create a custom central vacuum solution for your home that you will absolutely love.

Say good-bye to Portable Vacuums in your home.

With our central vacuum system you can get rid of your power cords and extension cords. You can also stop worrying about re-circulating air throughout your home. Stop worrying about filter troubles, part issues and bulky portable vacuums. Our systems are less expensive than you may think! Contact us for a free estimate today.

Central Vacuum Systems are a great long term investment.

Our central vacuum systems usually last for 10+ years without requiring any major maintenance or issues. Homeowners that sell their homes usually also see an increase in their home's sales prices with a central vacuum add-on. Home buyers love our systems in their homes because they know they will not have to use any portable vacuums and worry about the headaches associated with them. Contact us today and let us design a vacuum solution that you and your home's future homeowners will enjoy for years to come.

Call us at 866-347-8449 to discuss a Turn-Key Complete Central Vacuum System for your home today.